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So, I just bought everything to copy the "System Builder Marathon, June 2011: $500 Gaming PC",2970.html

But, when I made my order on Newegg. I bought the
"SAPPHIRE 100314-2SR Radeon HD 6870"

Did I make a good mistake or a horrible one? Do I need to send it back and get the "Sapphire 100315L Radeon HD 6850 1 GB" instead?

Thank you in advance for the help!
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  1. ^ Na, its a logical one,... But did you buy the EA380 ?? Or any other PSU ??
  2. The reason I ask that is because for the 6870, going with a higher powered PSU would be better,...
  3. I did get the ea380, I was going to get the Antec HCG-520 but, they were sold out before i could get it.
  4. I can't cancel the order i have to wait for it to get here, send it back then
  5. Thank you for the help, looks like i'll be getting the OCZ Pro500 asap.
  6. Looking at GPU charts here and on Anandtech, the 6870 only uses about 15 more watts than the 6850. The power consumption of the over-clocked June $500 build is 179W. The EA380 would be enough for 194W, no?
  7. ^ No I dint say that the EA 380 cant handle the 6870, but it would be always be in heavy load when doing CPU/ GPU intensive tasks, - Games and such and thus higher failure rates later on,... Also taking capacitor aging into account, if you want to keep the PSU for a longer time, then you should have more than enough and not just enough amount of power,...
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