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I decided to upgrade my HP a1310n Media Center to run dual monitors and installed an ASUS EN210 512 video card. All was well. Then I thought I'd add a third monitor and installed an ATI Rage VAR128P-32P. After some tinkering with settings all is well, all 3 monitors are running. The problem is now with my Diamond TV Wonder 650 PCI card. Media Center gives me the Tuner Not Installed message. I have tried everything I have read on this board and recall there being a trick to the first installation when I upgraded the tuner some time ago but cannot recall that trick.

This is a low-budget system using old monitors from work, etc. I'm just trying to keep the thing running as a home computer.

Everything worked fine before the video card additions.

Any thoughts?
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  1. That hardware don't work on Media Center. I tried that board in 2008 and eventually dropped it.

    You have to use the software provided by ATI.

    That hardware also has hardware defect. The HD Antenna input is prone to failure. ATI replaced my tuner 2x.

    This ATI tuner started $149... Because it has a lot of HW and SW issues its now sold for $29.

    I have been using Hauppage 2250.
  2. I had the tuner working prior to putting the two video cards in the computer. I seem to remember that there was a trick to it but I can't remember what it was.

    It surprises me that with a machine full of ATI / AMD components, it won't work.
  3. Don't be surprise...its one of failed product of ATI
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