Wishing for an unlocked core i3 2200k

i don't know if it exists or not.
i don't intend to troll, just want to discuss the possible impact the release of an unlocked core i3 will have on the release of bulldozer and existing phenom ii line of processors.
this is topic is inspired(!) by my disappointment with bulldozer fx 8150.
at first i wanted intel to release a core i5 2300k and a core i3 2200k but i realized core i5 already has an unlocked one - core i5 2500k.
here's what i imagined an unlocked core i3 would have:
an unlocked multiplier upto or more than 50x, 3.4 ghz clock speed, hd3000 igp, 2 real cores, hyperthreading, quick sync, 95 watt tdp. no turbo boost, aes-ni, v-pro, intel insider support.
something like an arrendale core i5 6xx series but more mature, with a better igp.
i'd very much want to see how it'd fare against fx 81xx, 61xx and 4xxxx processors especially in gaming and media transcoding.
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  1. Why take market share away from the 2500K and 2600K is what I think Intels thought on that matter would be.
  2. i agree. 2200k will eat into 2500k and 2600k's shares. i was hoping if intel would give users who like to oc but has a tight budget to spend
    or users who are looking for a single card setup yet wants to oc a true budget oc processor.those users have to choose between older athlon x3, x4, phenom ii be + amd mobo or core i3 2100+ h61 combos.
    instead we get 2700k , x79 chipset, sandybridge-e.

  3. i want to close this one as well.
    and select rolli's as best answer. is there any way to do that?
  4. Ask a mod to change from discussion to question thread.
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