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I need to know the best configuration for high quality 3D animation & vfx...we need 5 PCs, two must be rendering machine... budget 2lakhs above....please suggest me the best :D
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    so we may assist you. be as specific as possible and if you have any preferred sources, please let us know
    generally a 3d workstation will not use CF/SLI and will not be overclocked, through the new SandyBridge CPU's are very stable up to 4GHz.

    be really specific on the budget. when you say you want the best a dual CPU i7 990x is $2000 just for the CPU's alone and A Quadro 4000 GPU runs $1750.
    do you need monitors included? OS?

    Also what 3D software are you using? this will let us know it the GPU has to be beefy (like a Quadro).
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