Suggest best graphics card for my desktop

my desktop confguration -

Intel core i3 540
Asus motherboard p7h55-m
Hynix ram 1*4gb ddr3 1333mhz
Seagate 500gb sata HD 7200rpm
Xtech smps 500W
windows 7 64bit

I'm from pune,india and my max budget is 3000Rs(65$). Please suggest me graphics cards best for this configuration. The current system works fine but i want great performance for games and movies.

Thank you.
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  1. Resolution? For 65 $ you can get HD5670, which is quite good @ 1280x1024
  2. the resolution is ok but HD5670 starts from 99$ and my max budget is 65$.

    Any other suggestions?
  3. Cabinet size is 400*180*420 mm.

    There is large difference in American prices and Indian prices. i found some cards in my budget range and also available in my city so i can save extra money for transport.

    please suggest best of them or any other having same price range(3000 Rs)

    there are many options of these graphics card. please check this out.





    ZOTAC GT210

    yet i haven't tried any huge game(modern warfare 2 works fine without external graphics card) but will do in next few weeks. also going to connect PC to HD LCD TV by HDMI cable for movies. so my question is - will these cards improve performance enough to visualize. because current configuration performs well.

    I have heard that for P7h55-m + i3 540 if you add external graphics card, you can't use both of them(embedded graphics on cpu and external) at a time. will it be a good idea to stop embedded graphics card from cpu and enable external one(one from above)? if i enable external one and disable on-board, then what about onboard HDMI port? will it work? what will happen to other ports?(VGA,USB,..)

    is it necessary to get sound card for 5.1 or 7.1 sound system if i have a graphics card? I have these expansion slots to my mobo :

    1 x PCIe 2.0 x16
    2 x PCIe 2.0 x1 (2.5GT/s, gray slots)
    1 x PCI

    x16 will be used for graphics card, so are there good sound cards which will fit in x1 slot?

    thanks for replies.
  4. Well, for about that price range, I seem to can't recommend any good GPUs. The HD 5670 will cost more in India, and its about at the Rs.5000 range, so, I would recommend you try and expand your budget to Rs.5000 or 6000.

    I too live in India, Kerala
  5. PS: The cards you listed, won't give you much performance at all.

    I saw a 9800 GT for Rs.5900, its a good card for its price, even if its quite old.

    Can you tell us at what resolution you are gaming at ?
  6. right now it's 1024x768 on 17" Desktop but going to shift to 26" LCD.

    so you want say that a graphics card of 3000 Rs. will be loss of money if i'm disabling i3's onboard graphics for it?

    thanks for quick reply.
  7. The i3s onboard chip, isn't that good as an external GPU like the ones you listed above. They can give you better performance, but only little. So its best if you try and expand your budget and go for the 9800 GT.
  8. You won't get a good graphic card for Rs.3000.You should try to extend your budget.You should buy graphic card from a local store and should force them to reduce the prices.If your budget extends to Rs.6000 a 9800 gt is great.But try a little more to extend it to Rs.7000 so that you can get a much superior Radeon 5770.
  9. Your current PSU is shoddy. I would not recommend running anything above a HD 5670 on it unless you get a good one.The HD 5670 is more than capable at 1024x768 but if you get a new monitor with higher resolution(presumably full HD) in the future, you'll have to get a new PSU and a much stronger graphics card like the GTX 460 or HD 6850.
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