478 socket agp slot

I have a 478 motherboard, at least I think I do. its an old pentium 4 2ghz processor.

It has an agp graphics card slot and my previous best card was a geforce fx 5600 256mb ddr card.

I need to replace the card, can I upgrade to a ddr2 agp card, or do I have to stay with the same level, ddr, card that I already had before I broke it?
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  1. Yeah you can upgrade. You could in fact easily use even better agp cards then that.
  2. yeah I want to buy a geforce 6200 512mb, but its ddr2 and didnt know if it would work in my motherboard.
  3. Yes, it will work. Graphic card memory is independent of system memory. The two have nothing to do with each other.

    -Wolf sends
  4. cool thanks both of you.
  5. I would think a 6200 is not as good as a 5600.
  6. Pm sent to OP.
  7. 6200 is 512 mp, 5600 is 256mb
  8. math1337 said:
    I would think a 6200 is not as good as a 5600.

    Yeah the 6200 is a lot slower then the 5600, regardless of video ram amount. Considering neither cards gpu is very efficient even at older games past 1280x1024 anyway, the amount of video ram doesn't matter much. Older cards from the FX timeline that are solid are the FX 5700 and 5900. They were decent performers over all and could run on a 300 watt psu fine. Same with the Radeon 9700-9800 cards. Basically the same deal with them too. Any of those 4 cards would crush the Geforce 6200. I have a FX 5900 and a Radeon 9700 Pro for sale. Sent the OP a PM about them.
  9. I would look for a nvidia 6800 at least. Beats ANY FX card. A 6800 GT beats any radeon 9800 cards. For some more power you could even get an ultra.
  10. I had a GF 6200 512MB, and, let me tell you, it's awful... I bought it for my P4 old rig, hoping that it will at least let me run Call of Duty 2 and Dawn of War: Soulstorm maxet out. Like hell it did! I actually found that my onboard Intel 945GM on my laptop runs Sousltorm way faster at a higher resolution and with better settings! So no, 6200 is an awful card, in my experience - it is an entry-level GPU. If you want something useful for AGP, get one of the top nVidia 7000 series (7800GT?) or Radeon 4650. Do they even still sell AGP cards in your country? Impossible to find in Asia =)
  11. Is there? I didn't know... if it's true, then you're right, best AGP indeed. But then again, try finding it! :D
  12. Amazing.. thanks for the info, though I doubt it'll be useful now. Never knew that existed. I was always checking directly on Asus/Palit/Zotac/etc. websites when I was searching for AGP. Anyway, I never succeeded to find anything... it's amazing how fast they wiped AGP off the market.
  13. For a 2 gig P4, that video card is a waste. And so is a 6800. Radeon 4650 would match your system better and is about 1/2 the price.

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