GTX 460 Hawke VS GTX 550 ti 2gig

Hi guys, im about buy a new Card, and had my heart set on the Hawk coz if its OC capabilities, and it looks Great,
Bu the KFA 550 ti is cheaper and has the Memory Advantage!!!???

What would you guys do?
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  1. I would get the 460 unless the 550 is ALOT cheaper. Even the 768m version of the 460 is signifigantly faster than the 550 ti. More memory isn't an advantage if the card isn't fast enough to use it.
  2. the 460 is much better. 2gb is a waste on such a slow card you will see no advantage from it. most games dont use more than 1gb vram
  3. Thanks for the reply's,
    Just to clarify, how is the 460 MUCH better? It clocks slightly over the 550 Ti, But nothing major....

    And for the sake of the future games, do you think newer games will use more than 1 gb of Ram?

  4. It's about 20% faster from the benchmarks I've seen. You can't just go by clock speeds, they are totally different chips. Newer games might use more than 1gb of dedicated video ram in some instances, but it won't be required and having 2gb of ram wont make up for the 550 being 20% slower. It's the proverbial lipstick on a pig.
  5. HAHA thank you......

    Heres the specs i was comparing......:
    KFA 550 Ti
    Core Clock: 950MHz (Overclocked from 900MHz)
    Shader Clock: 1900MHz (Overclocked from 1800MHz)
    Memory Clock: 3900MHz GDDR5
    Stream Processors: 192

    GTX 460 Hawk
    Core Clock: 780/810 Mhz ( i hear it can be clocked to 1Ghz)
    Shader Clock: 1560/1620 MHz
    Memory Clock: 3600/3900 MHz GDDR5
    Stream Processors: ???

    Sorry if im persistent, i just wan to be thurough and know what im spending my money on, ive been behind the Hawk al the way just wanted to be sure.

    Thank you for your help.
  6. And the 550 extra Gig doesent change the Speeds or FPS does it??
    (sorry i was comparing the HAWK to a 550 Ti 2Gig)

    But with those reults WOW....... HAWK FTW
  7. None of those benchmarks come close to using 1gb (like most games) so a 2gb card wouldn't be any faster.
  8. Ok thank you for your time & help,
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