280 GTX nvidia (screen signal issue) Please assist

i know writting long posts is boring to read
but to anyone interested i want you to know just how fucked up some things can be for no specific reason.

when i bought my pc my couzin set it up for me. I had issues the first year with my screen. It could not receive signal 3/10 times i switched it on. After it just passed away.

Recently i have bought a couple of new hardware to improve the performance of my pc. Upon installing them (ssd) my screen would not post a signal. i took down the whole motherboard-pc and reconnected everything 5 times. It finally worked for some reason,it just so happened my couzin was around and fixed the pc using bios settings. (i think i placed the diskdrive to a wrong sata.

Yesterday i removed the cable from my dell screen and connected it to my hd samsung tv. DVI -> hdmi using an adaptor.
the video input could not be located.
i switched it back and the dell screen could not locate a signal either

these were my attempts to fix the problem

1) i changed the cable to the second dvi output (back of the card

2) i took the whole pc appart 3 times

3) changed the gpu to another pci-ex

4)broke a couple of things around the house (hourly)

no effect. Please i need help with this damn thing.

this is what happens ( i turn the pc on it loads ok. it goes to windows (log in ) makes the sound i can blind type my password.)
GPu has both lights and fan working.
no overclocking on gpu.
and guess what?:????????????????????????????????????????????????? NO DISPLAY. i cant enter bios i cant do anything. help help help.!!!!!
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  1. just wanna add my computer specs:

    Asus pt6 (not sure if deluxe or which model)
    6gb corsair xms3 2000mhz
    i7 920

    most recent overclocking i performed was
    bclk frequency: 148 can go up to 190
    pcie frequency: untouched
    dram frequency: 1483 goes up to 2000 or so.
    cpu voltage 1.35 (just below red)

    stress tests showed 66-67*c all 8 cores working on 100% for long time.
    i dont think its got anything to do with my recent overclocking but its worth to share the info just in case.
  2. While the OCing shouldnt hurt your video out as a test to rule things out you should undo anything youve done since you started having this issue. I have the same setup as you except I have a 250 instead of a 280.

    If your 280 is running at the default speeds (there are some that come factory overclocked) and you have 2x120mm fans and 3 usb devices and adding 30% capacitor aging for good measure... your total power draw is currently 506W. With a recommended power supply of 550W and needing 37.5A on the 12v rail(s). If your power supply is old or has lower specs than this you will have problems.

    here's the PSU Im using in my game rig (which is the one with those specs)

    oh also dvi plugs have to be plugged into the device they are going to be displaying to PRIOR to booting the pc. Annoying I know but that could be some of your issue too.
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