9800GTX bad image quality in DVI to HDMI


I have a LED TV 22" FULL HD 1920 x 1080 connected with an DVI to HDMI cable that gives me blurry images (VGA connector is better but not crisp as suposed for FULL HD).

If I connect the TV with the same cable to another PC with an 8400GS it gives perfect image, so is graphic card related (simple 8400GS gives better output?)

The only differnce I see in the drivers is the one in the comparison captures, different names for the connection


9800GTX, image is not out of focus as it seems both were perfect focused, that how you really see both, on the left letters is more visible the blurry letters

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  1. You could reinstall the graphics drivers. Also, check the overscanning settings.
  2. I reinstalled two versions of Nvidia drivers , and nothing, and overscan and screen adjust is correct, tried every setting in the TV also, but with the 8400GS it shows perfect image in all settings however, and with clean installation drivers both PC's.
    If it weren't for the performance of the 8400GS I would clearly use it, it's very confusing
  3. I've just attached the 8400GS to my main pc to see if it ¡s windows related or similar, image is perfect, so it has to be something related to the 9800GTX
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