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Tomorrow I am building a new gaming computer (I've ordered all of the parts). However, I have recently ordered a Windows 7 Professional disc from Software4students and I notice that it is an upgrade edition. After calling both microsoft and Software4students - they tell me that I need an OS installed on the computer before I can install it. Problem - I don't have any other keys. I've been using a mac for 5 years whilst my family has used PC - I have a windows vista disc, but the key has already been used so I can't upgrade from that. I have tried searching for a product key - but with no success.

Help?! What can I do so that I can have a working system without paying over £100 to get a new Win7 Full edition?

Thanks in advance.

(I know this is in the wrong place but this is really urgent)
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  1. well this is against EULA (not sure if it is legal) but you could install the upgrade as a custom and not activate it then upgrade that installation and activate it.

    This is the correct way You could buy a windows vista or xp disk and upgrade it.
  2. I used my student upgrade (via and did a custom install and then entered the product key when asked for it. It activated just fine, and I've even done clean installs with it when I upgraded parts of my computer.

    In short, go ahead and give it a shot. It may still work even though Microsoft says it won't.
  3. Oh really? That gives me some encouragement - Was it a disc with like a copper coloured ring around the outside? - mine says October 2009 systems student media - is that what you had?

    Sorry to be annoying, just really nervous about this :P
  4. Mine was actually a download, so I'm not sure if they were the same. Unless you can return it and buy a full version, I'd just give installing what you have a shot.

    Jackspeed listed the only other real alternatives to purchasing a full W7 version.
  5. did you download and burn the iso or did you already have a preinstalled operating system?
  6. there are reports that *some* upgrade codes work for the full install but that is against the eula just as the double instal trick is. So ethically you *should* buy another os. but you can do the double install trick it will work but is against the eula.
  7. luminouslime said:
    did you download and burn the iso or did you already have a preinstalled operating system?

    Downloaded the ISO and burned it to a DVD for backup. The first time I installed it I did it via USB, the second time via disk.
  8. for the upgrade even if you do a custom install if there is an operating system it counts as an upgrade. but some of the cd keys for the students work without needing an os and some require an os (mine requires an os). I have an old copy of xp in my basement but I did the double install trick and do not plan on using my copy of xp but will show it if they (microsoft) need me to.

    Edit: the double install trick takes about an extra 45 minutes. to just a clean install.
  9. Problem is you are using windows on a mac......why buy mac
  10. techo said:
    Problem is you are using windows on a mac......why buy mac

    He's not - he's just saying that he owned a mac for the last 5 years to show that he doesn't have another version of a Windows OS.
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