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Sandy bridge-e preview... will we see another i7-920?

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October 15, 2011 4:54:17 PM

with the introduction of nehalem architecture back in 2008, two model was available prior to the launch... the ever-expensive core i7 965 extreme... which only a few ppl willing to spend that much for the crazy priced cpu... and another model... which instantly became hot among ethusiasts.... for its highly overclockable and its performance closer to the former at just fraction of the price... core i7 920....

now almost three years... the successor to the bloomfield is just around the corner... namely sandy bridge-e... three model has been confirmed for the launch... two six core parts... the i7 3960x and i7 3930k and one quad core variant.... i7 3820....

okay... the point is here... regarding the price... let alone the 3960x.... i think even the 3930k... priced at $583... will be out of reach for most of the users.... so only the quad core variant left... the i7 3820... luckily... overclocking via bclk is possible in SBE... so even multiplier locked cpus can be oc past 5ghz... the question here is... reflect the price... will i7 3820 be another i7 920? like how popular it was back in its glory days? i think it will... otherwise.... SBE will be hard to sell... if i7 3820 shows significant improvement... looking at the price... its going to be a winner.... then how about 3930k? or even 3960x? if the performance gap isn't as much as the reflection of the price... will ppl willing to buy these expensive cpu? pls feel free to leave your thoughts in this topics.... thks...
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October 15, 2011 7:45:36 PM

Same price. ~300 for the 3820. In 920 days, the platform was a big selling point. With PCI3 around the corner though, 1155 will be fine for just about everybody. I wouldn't expect 2011 to be anywhere near as popular as 1366 was for enthusiasts.
October 15, 2011 7:49:54 PM

I think SB-E will be a poor seller.

When the i7-920 was released, Intel's other CPU's weren't as compelling in their day as the 2500k & 2600k are today.

Plus SB-E appears to be a power hog.