Video Card / Cooling Fan Replacement for Dell Precision 390

The cooling fan went out on the video card for my Dell Precision 390.
1. Is there a replacement cooling fan I can order (no luck on the Dell Website? Existing model of fan: VD1267-A2012KB2L
2. If I need a replacement video card what is recommended for video editing and CAD software? The Quadro FX550 that came with the machine was working fine.
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    this card is on the dell site as being an option with that system (next step up actually). It appears they dont make the 550 anymore and if they do I couldnt find anyone (outside of ebay) who carries it.

    But in general any quadro card is designed to accelerate CAD and Digital Content Creation so any model you get will do what youre asking to varying degrees. Here's the wiki page for quadro models so you can see the difference in specs between them
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