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I am looking to build a PC with, Intel® Desktop Board DZ68DB, Core I5-2405S 65watt CPU, 64GB SSD&3TB HD configured for Intel RST, on board graphics (no video card), DVD RW, Blue-Ray reader, 16GB RAM (why not RAM is cheap) running Windows Media Center (with Ceton PCIe digital tuner card), MS-Office, Google Earth, no games, no over clocking. I want the system to be quiet. Is there a CPU cooler that will handle this configuration without a fan? If so which one would you recommend? If you recommend a heat sink with fan which one do you suggest? I will be getting a large case. So I'll have room for a big heat sink. Thank you in advance for your replies.
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  1. Well its a quad-core 4+4HT @ 2.5-3.3Ghz, Thermalright HR-02 Macho or Thermalright Archon, just make sure the case has good cooling, if not using a fan. Should be more than enough as they are designed to cool overclocked i7's. Be aware they are big tower coolers.
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