PC Fails Booting.

I wasn't too sure where to put this so i put it here since my mobo is the asus p8z68-v lx.

My problem is that since moving my pc from one house to another something has broken.
Computer starts up fine, can access BIOS, all temps are within normal range and POST beep says everything works.

I try to boot into windows, I select start windows normally then the red and yellow orbs show and then my computer restarts.
If attempted safe mode, the driver loads until avgidsha.sys loads then it reboots (anyone know the driver after this, or classpnp.sys would be grateful)

I use a different HDD with ubuntu on it, it gets to the login screen and my screen becomes unresponsive and I have no choice but to reboot and it hasnt worked once.

Using ubuntu live cd, i can access my W7 hard drive. Access speeds are perfectly fine, no problems looking at any files.

Things I have tried without success:
Single stick of ram
GPU disconnected
Renaming avg sys drivers to .bak

I have put my W7 hard drive into another PC and it won't boot there either.

Any ideas before I request an RMA?
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  1. win7 tries to load and fails. This is your case. There is no point in RMA'ing it. RMA is for faulty hardware.
    avgidsha.sys is related to avg anti-virus. It is creating problems. Go to AVG forums. U will find similar problems there.
  2. The only other problem is that it will still not boot any other drive, such as my ubuntu hard drive.
  3. the file you renamed is part of your anti virus software if you can boot into safe mode uninstall it and reinstall it.
    i would first check that your cpu and heat sink are down. i see it where a good bump can loosen a cpu. i would also press down on all the ram and power cords and case wires. check under the mb for any metal parts that could have bounced under the mb.
    use a usb stick and one dimm and run memtest86 from a boot usb stick..if fine try the other. if they fail move the ram into another slot. if if fails in a new slot try resetting the cmos.
    Hiren's BootCD 15.1
    has mini xp boot if it wont boot then you could have a cd-rom issue or a controller issue. hopfully the mb was not bent and had a trace broken.
  4. think u have from more problems. Reset ur bios to safe default. Disable ,sound ,Lan power mgmt ( there is a option for safe option setting for hard disk here also) usb , serial etc, the stuff u may not need for simple booting. Also Change the hdisk data and power cable...one at a time. If by chance ur ubuntu hdisk ( not windows) boots, then enable one option at a time from the disabled bios options till u face the same problem.
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