Which monitor is better?

I have a HIS radeon hd 6850 and amd phenom ii x4 955
Which of these monitors or if you have your own recomendation would be the best to game with?

asus 21.5 lcd led

asus 23 lcd
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  1. I'd say that 21.5 inch.

    I have one of these (or something similar to it) http://www.amazon.com/Viewsonic-VX2453MH-LED-24-Inch-Ultra-thin-Widescreen/dp/B004LXK8LI

    It has 2 HDMI inputs, which is handy for adding a console and your computer. I love the ViewSonic monitors, and they're pretty cheap.
  2. the 21.5" Much better contrast ratio
  3. yea i thought the 21.5 was a better deal but it had less good reviews. so i thought maybe the 23 was a better quality monitor?
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