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Hi, I have a Pentium 4 516 (Prescott 2.93GHz, LGA775), 768MB DDR-400 and Biostar P4M800-M7 board and I need an AGP graphics card capable of HD playing.

I only need a VGA for this, nothing of gaming or anything else (the computer is used for internet browsing and office). So I don't need a complete upgrade
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  1. Im not sure if the cpu you have can handle it regardless of video card. Probably better off to just upgrade to a new low end motherboard/cpu/ram/ and just use newer integrated graphics. If you really wanted to persue this, something like a 7600gt AGP would be fine but it still wont garentee smooth hd playback.
  2. An ATI 3450 or 3650 would be fine.
  3. The best graphics card that exists for AGP is, I think, ATI 4650... Funny thing is, my Pentium 4 (2.4 GHz) never managed HD with integrated graphics and BARELY managed it with nVidia GF 6200. And my Celeron M 1.8 GHz never had any troubles with HD. I guarantee, P4 @ 2.93 GHz definitely can play HD. Get K-Lite Mega Codec pack and Google for "HD video stuttering codec" - there will be some tutorials on how to enable the right decoders on your media player, and voila - everything works super-smooth. Even with Intel IGP ;)
  4. AGP HD 3850 cards are the best ones on the market. They are power hogs though and generate a decent amount of heat due to their somewhat lacking single slot coolers, so you need to make sure you have a decent power supply and a well ventilated case.
  5. Thanks, I heard that using CoreAVC could have better performance. Is that true?

    I forgot, the computer has a 400w generic PSU, I think it won't support a HD3850.
    And here the best low-end PSU -non generic- (Something like Antec Neo-Eco 520w) costs 75 USD, wich is far more the money I have

    What about a HD2400?
  6. That's exactly it! CoreAVC! It is true: before enabling it as a priority decoder, some of my HDs would stutter or the video would lag behind the sound... now I watch Full HD on my Eee PC 900 =) Really, anyone who tells you that HD takes a lot of CPU power, just tell them to try CoreAVC...

    Regarding your power supply... I don't know whether 400W is enough for HD3850. Try a PSU calculator on one of the manufacturers' websites (Antec, for example).

    HD2400 will do as well.. I'm telling you, it's a matter of codecs =) Though, I must say, it looks like Pentium 4 loses out to any Celeron M even with CoreAVC as a primary decoder - as I said, I watch 1080p on my Eee PC (900 MHz) and it used to stutter on my old Pentium 4 before I added a GeForce 6200 to that. It's a well-known fact, though, that Pentium/Celeron M outperforms Pentium 4, so maybe it has something to do with that.

    How much onboard video memory does your rig have? I suggest trying CoreAVC first.
  7. The M/B has a VIA S3 video, using 64MB of RAM, it barely works with Win XP so I don't think it will work :D..

    Well, that's not my PC (is from my dad). Mine is quite better hahaha

    PD: Forgive any mistake, english isn't my native language
  8. That's okay, neither it's mine... hey, my P4 mobo also had onboard 64MB VIA S3! Is your mobo by any chance Mercury? =)

    My Intel IGP has 128MB video RAM, but then, again, my Eee PC with 64MB video RAM also manages... I think Pentium 4 is a sad exception here, no wonder that they used Pentium M architecture for Core Duo instead... P4 wasn't quite a success, as I realize now =) So you will most likely need AGP graphics.
  9. Nope, the PC is an 'Olidata' (some random/very low-end/shitty brand) hahaha, the only decent of the computer is the CPU cooler, I had to upgrade almost everything to make it a bit better (came with a Celeron 2.4GHz and only 256MB DDR-400 RAM). Luckily I have some old parts here, but don't have AGP graphic

    Yeah, I think the same thing about P4. Or Athlon did a great job or Prescott was pretty bad

    I found a HD3650, I think I gonna buy it, hope the PSU will work with it
  10. It should. If it's a good 400W PSU, it definitely should...

    And it's both: Prescott was bad, AND Athlon did a good job!

    Please do share how the HD3650 works out, I'm curious =)
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