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Mobo not working inside my case

Asrock z77 Extreme4

When I first received the motherboard, I tested it out on top of the box. Plugged in PSU, Ram, and GPU, it loaded up to the BIOS screen. Since it was confirmed to be working, I started to set up everything in the case. When it was ready and I turned on the power the fans and leds would move and come on for a split second. It did it a couple of more times when I turned on and off the power. After that, I decided to take out the mobo from the case and go back to the beginning of testing steps. But now it just doesn't turn on anymore. Can a case cause a mobo to stop working? Anyone know what might have happened?
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  1. it may be possible that when you installed the mobo in the case part of it was resting directly on the metal and shorted something out
  2. I don't believe I put the mobo directly on the case. I put the mobo on top of the copper screw heads when I put it into the case.
  3. hey you are the one that was asking and i was simply giving a possibility
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    sounds like something got shorted.

    when you're breadboarding your motherboard, try putting the components in 1 by 1 and testing if the motherboard starts up.

    There's a small guide here you could follow:
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  6. most time people drop a screw and it falls under the mb where they dont see it and it shorts out..or the case has a bump in the mb tray and the after market heat sink or part of the mb will tuch. the other place that a short will happend is with the i/o shield..if has a long can short the mb out or go into the usb or ethernet port on the rear of the mb and short it out.
    the mb might not be dead...try clearing the cmos and see if it posts again..most mb have dead short protection.
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