Mixing GSKILL ram same voltage but different mhz and timings

Hey guys I currently have in my pc a gskill 8gb kit 2x4gb sticks @ 1600mhz intel xmp ready with 1.50 volts. A few weeks ago I got another 8gb kit however this time it was @ 1333mhz but still at 1.50 volts but it had different timings than my original kit, after installing the new kit I encountered a tone of issues and for that reason Ive left them out of my pc since and everything has been fine since. Im thinking its possibly just a bad kit that I just happened to run into because Ive been told by various people that ram can be bad right out of the box however mixing ram with different mhz should be fine its just that they will run at the lowest speed which would essentially be 1333mhz however when I installed the extra 8gb I had so many issues like windows wouldn't cold boot after being turned off over night and I would have to take the ram out and reset the cmos and then sometimes windows would say like 16gb detected but only say 12gb is usable or 14gb usable etc. Is it a bad kit or do you think I need to change something in the bios?

current specs.

AMD FX 4100
windows 7 ultimate 64bit
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  1. It is never advisable to mix ram of different models or makers. You should just run 1 kit or the other. If you insist on running both kits the XMP will not work. You will have to set every memory attribute in the bios by hand to the values of the slower kit (not just the first 4 or 5 settings). The problem being you may not be able to find each setting without asking for tech support at skill. All in all you are just asking for issues by mixing kits.
  2. Make sure each kit is installed in the same color slots. Manually input settings according to the DDR3-1333 kit. Test and see how that works. If problem persists, contact the G.Skill RMA dept. to see what they can do for you.


    Thank you
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