Need help on deciding what video card for i5 2500k build

hey, so I'm building an i5 2500K rig on under $1000. I can;t for my life figure out which card I would like, The idea price range is under $200. I've looked around at the HD 5850 and 6850 and from what I get the 5850 is the better one...but Newegg is literally selling out of them and I have no idea what I should go with. From what I'm getting, Sapphire is the better company to stick with but they have so many model types I don't know what to choose from. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Can anyone shine some light on this for me? I'm hoping to use this for some gaming, but not super high end gaming. I won't be doing SLI or CFX but it might be a possibility for upgrade later. But I hear getting a single powerful video card is better than waiting for a dual card upgrade cause I can save money on the mobo.
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  1. you will not be disappointed by getting a sapphire 6850. dont worry about the model type or if its factory OCed or whether its a refernce design. you can overclock it yourself.

    i prefer to stick with single video cards because of all the issues with sli/crossifre (driver issues, doesnt work with some games, more power requiremnts, more expensive motherboards, etc.)
  2. If you can grab a hd5850 for less than a hd6850, then great. If not, grab a hd6850. By the way, I like your name OCed Toaster!
  3. You can get an HD 6870 for under $200 now (some are after rebate). I got this card, because it will run everything out at 1680x1050 and many at 1080P.
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