Help me find a motherboard!

Hey guys, in looking for a RED motherboard if at all possible. With that, I was looking for one hopefully under 175$, supports some USB 3.0, is able to overclock my CPU, is compatable with an intel i5 3570k CPU. Umm I don't know if I'm missing anything. I'd really like it red or black to go with my color scheme. :) would be a good place to find one... I'll keep looking
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  1. There are quite a few of them :

    Cheap, not sure if black enough :

    Nice black/red:

    'nother one from asrock:

    'nother one :

    Sexiest of all, but out of your price range:

    An ALL RED motherbord will be harder to find, and probably doesn't exist, IMO it'd be ugly as f**k :P . You could always spray paint the thing , protecting the important bits from getting painted, and make sure whatever you use is non-conductive.
  2. Just realiced what gives the rampage that special touch is just that the caps are painted black, I think you could marker pen one of the cheap asrocks and get the same effect :D
  3. Thanks for everything I'll look it over.
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