Black screen before windows boots, sound and input works

Hello currently whenever I start my computer I get a black screen however the system does boot, I hear the windows startup sound and am able to log in , I just don't see anything on my monitor.

I've tried switching dvi cables, even using an hdmi with an adaptor but I can't get a normal screen , only way I can get some output video is by using the integrated graphics .

I've tried different monitors, upgraded my motherboard, and tested with a different power supply, still didn't work =( if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Core 2 e6750
4gb mushkin ram
Radeon 4870
Benq 24" monitor, which works with input other than my computer
Gigabyte. G31m-es2l motherboard
Antec 650 earthwatt power supply
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  1. looks to me ur gpu said : do it youreselfe.....

    Try to socket another card and check if it's not the port on the mainboard just to be sure.
    Could also just take out the card, check for dust etc and re socket it to see if anything pop's up then.
  2. I've tried that before =( I've tried everything , the good thing is I did manage to fix it ...after switching the dvi cable ...again. sigh what are the odds ??
  3. hmmmm, got someone or something chewing your cable's or something ? ;)
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