BestByte - thieves??, or just inept morons?

Bestbyte computer shop out if Texas....
Well to put it simply....they have their head up their ass!
I won’t order from them again.

Sure the prices are decent....
Sure they have a few cool rounded IDE cable...etc.

But customer service?? the worst!

I ordered an original GF3 64ddr 460mhz
5 days later....I’ve sent them 4 e-mails and no reply,
no confirmation, no invoice, no tracking number, no UPS number.

But....ahhh they sure as hell charged my account for the agreed amount
on the agreed item.

Well on day 6 I called them on the phone....seems they wanted to charge
me another 100.00 for the card....they made a mistake on the price.

I say tuff....we agreed, and they charged me....but they won’t ship the card.

I’m still waiting to get my account refunded....we’ll see how long that takes.

"Get the facts first. You can distort them later." - Mark Twain
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  1. Man, sounds like a tough situation for you. Hope it turns out in your favor.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  2. My friend tried to order a laptop from BestBuy, it was cancelled with no explanation given, so he tried again and nothing, he called support and they told him that his address wasn't in the computer so they couldn't ship it there (nearest Best Buy is like 2 states away). If he could buy something from the store then I think his address would be in the computers. Duh. He tried a friends address, no luck. finally he just cancelled it. Then about 4 days later, he got a call about the very first order. He had to explain to her he had already gotten the run around from tech support and to cancel them all, too much hastle. So Yes, Bets Buy Sucks. :)

    Probably won't help you, but we know how you feel.

  3. BestBuy and BestByte are two separate places.

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  4. Well, it's been seven days since the money was withdrawn from my account. I'll wait one more day for the money to show up...then it's of to the BBB. Also I'll have my bank do an investigation. took less then one business day for the withdrawal to post. And seven days later, I'm still waiting
    for the funds to return.

    BestByte destroyed their credibility to operate as a business...for me anyway.

    "Get the facts first. You can distort them later." - Mark Twain
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