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I have a legal (semi) fresh install of Windows 7 and when I open this PNG from Wikipedia my computer plays games. Task manager reports that when I just open the image and don't edit it at all that it uses almost 400MB of RAM.
Copying the image to clipboard uses another 400MB in the same thread. The image is only 3MB. I had Windows ask for more RAM (4GB DDR3 1600) when I had the same image open twice and had copied the image from one Paint to the other. Paint works fine normally:
Someone could test out the same image for me.
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  1. That's a huge image - 6708 x 4443 pixels. Even though the image file is only 3MB, that's due to compression - when you decompress it into a 32-bit-per-pixel bitmap as MSPaint would do in order to display and manipulate it, the result is over 100MB in size (6708 x 4443 x 4 bytes/pixel = 119,214,576 bytes).

    When I open it in MSPaint, MSPaint consumes a little over 300MB of memory, which doesn't really surprise me all that much since it's probably got a couple of extra image-sized buffers for display and undo purposes.

    Now you know why 64-bit operating systems and machines with 4GB+ of memory are becoming popular...
  2. Thanks a lot. I don't do a lot of image editing so if figured that 12GB of RAM in a workstation was always for video and rendering but I can see there would be a lot of advantages for image manipulation as well if you have a 25MP DSLR and RAW images to work with. I installed PAINT.NET and it uses almost the exact same amount of RAM when editing the image. It also used about 40% of my i5 750 quad core CPU just doing erasing without soft edges which also surprised me.
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