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Hi guys,

The other day playing while playing Starcraft 2 my computer suddenly shut down on its own with a continuous beep emanating from withing the CPU. I rebooted my computer and immediately checked its temperatures - my q9550 processor, even after having the reboot time to cool down, was showing 74C.

I then ran a game (Heroes of Newerth), and even right in the start, when the graphically intensive parts hadn't really kicked in, my CPU hit 82C. I immediately exited the game, shut down my computer, and delivered it to a nearby shop who are keeping it overnight to troubleshoot it.

Meanwhile I'm getting really paranoid because I know nothing about CPU heat issues. My processor is a q9550 at stock speed with a stock fan. At this point in time, I want to educate myself. What are the main causes of a functional CPU suddenly starting to heat up like this? Could it be the thermal past has gone bad? Something wrong with the fan? Has my CPU gone bad and will I have to purchase a new one (this is what I'm really scared about :( ).

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  1. Pc tech would tell you no point of asking here.
  2. you should have asked here before putting it in the shop--may have saved you a large bill

    cpu fans and heatsinks quite often get clogged up with dust ,fluff ,pet hair etc and only need cleaning out

    or the fan could have failed--you could have checked that in the bios and would have been an easy and cheap replacement to do yourself

    less likely is the cpu is broken as that usually means you get a blank screen

    your problem now will be how honest the shop is--they could tell you anything and hit you with a huge bill
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