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Well I was cleaning out an old empty case I found which had rusting on it and thought it would be a good idea to spray some CRC 5-56 on it to remove the rust. However, it suddenly click to me that whether this would affect the case if I were to put components back into the case.

So a quick google showed that WD40 shouldn't be used near computer components and that's pretty much the same stuff as CRC 5-56 right?

Anyway, just wondering whether it's possible to clean the computer case out now, or would the CRC have done something to the case which may lead to static discharge and kill my components if I were to put them in?

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  1. i think on wd40 cans it says its dielectric--which as far as i know means that its a poor conductor

    so cant see it being a problem--no doubt some one who knows more about electronics will come along and give you their opinion
  2. hhmm thanks

    I'm still holding off on putting my components into the case until hopefully someone can answer this. Alternatively, I'm just cleaning it heaps atm so is there any thing that can break down the CRC formulation?
  3. looking on google it seems mineral spirits or acetone will completely remove WD-40
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