B75 or H77

I just got a i5-3450 and a MSI TF 7850

need to get all the other parts.

I'm on a budget so wondering if a B75 motherboard would be good enough or if i 'should' get a H77.
I want to OC my GPU . but nothing serious. Just upto 1000 Core

link to B75 board -

link to H77 board -

EDIT : i wont crossfire.
Will run one HDD , one SSD (which i will buy after 4 to 5 months)
So im guessting 1 sata 6Gb/s would be enough. as i can connect the HDDs on sata 3Gb/s
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  1. Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H is better for u.
  2. The other one is mATX, smaller size.
  3. is mATX really that much of a disadvantage? I will not crossfire. And not heavy overclocking. just over 1000 core
  4. Those mobos are usually stripped of features and runs hotter. But they work.

    All is in smaller place. And if u need another PCI card its crumpled up : )
  5. so should i spend extra and get the h77? it is worth it ?
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    I would, but if u wanna do just graphic card and no OC and u have a good cooling case and all that in air-conditioned room, I'd say fine.

    If it sits in warm room and u play game, the CPU runs hot + GPU runs hot and all is harder to cool.

    Than all your fans are running on max speed and that sucks dust like crazy and after few weeks, the dust will be your enemy, that keeps everything hotter than before.
  7. i wouldnt be able to OC my cpu. so thats out of the question.. just the gpu i will oc.. and im planning to get this case
  8. Your link -> ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND
  9. There is nothing wrong with mATX and it is not harder to cool.
  10. Sure, when everything is in much smaller space it will cool the same as the ATX.
  11. Yes , it opened.

    Read the review.

    - None of the intakes have filters on them
    - Initial cooling ability could be better
    - One sided tool-less mechanisms
  12. So it is a bad case ?
  13. okay we can decide on the case later. but will a B75 perform equal to H77 ? in terms of GPU overclockability?
  14. or what about this case ?
    It has only one 120mm fan but is expandable to 6 i guess
  15. that one is great.. For that i have to get something like also right? to put in the top or the side fan slots ?
  16. NZXT GAMMA Classic is fine case too.
  17. Read the reviews on this site. Most people like it.
  18. So how many extra fans do u suggest i Add? i want a quiet pc

    Edit:but back to the question. shall i get the h77 or b75? i ll get the h77 if its really worth more and has a lot to offer which the b75 cant
  19. Being a mATX board dosn't cram things that much closer, mostly what you're missing is the extra addon slots, so the GPU and CPU are still going to be about the same distance apart which shouldn't affect cooling. And if he's going to use a regular sized atx case, he isn't squishing things into a smaller space.
  20. yeah im gonna use a regular size atx case . mostly the NZXT Gamma or the NZXT BETA EVO Classic
  21. If you plan on using Intel rapid storage technology (for RAID) or intel smart response technology (for SSD caching) then get the H77. B77 doesn't support those features.
  22. nah.. no raid , no ssd caching.. will use a separate ssd for os and apps, a hdd for storage.
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  24. Do people actually read the question before they write a reply? This thread isn't particularly worse than others, but I wish people would stick to the question asked, not their pet/stock replies.
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