Filezilla being blocked by norton.

I used filezilla to create an ftp server on my windows 7 ultimate 64 machine. Everything was working fine until my my norton 360 v4 subscription ran out. I uninstalled norton and then reinstalled it and reupped by subscription. I went through firewall management and made exceptions for inbound and out bound connections for both filezilla server and client.

When people attempt to log on to the server it lets them log on but then it won't show any files that are being shared and on my side I get an error saying data connection could not be opened. On the client side they are getting an error saying something about the socket not being connected. My ports are forwarded correctly and i've made the correct exceptions in my firewall but for some reason it is still blocking "parts" of the program. I tested it with my firewall disabled and it worked perfectly.

Any ideas?
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  1. Oh I forgot to mention that its not just the client thats getting blocked, I had someone try and login using ftp://x.x.x.x and the same thing happens, I can seem them connect to the firezilla server but they aren't able to see anything.
  2. Well I was able to get it working, instead of making exceptions for the program, I created a traffic exception that was for -inbound and outbound, all connection types, but restricted to the ip address of the person that I need to connect to my server.

    While this fixed it i'm not sure if its safe and also i'm still curious why I have to do this now and I didn't before?
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