Connecting WRT54G and Linksys DIR 655


I am trying to connect my WRT54G and my DIR 655 together. I want to have two access points. It goes like this:

Wall->ADSL Modem->Switch->WRT54G->DIR 655.

I have WRT54G hooked to the DIR 655 by a LAN to LAN configuration.

When I reset the DIR 655, I can access the firmware up until the point where Windows is asking me to "setup" the router by entering a PIN. So I enter the PIN and Windows "sets up" my DIR 655.

Here's the problem though, when connected to my DIR 655, I can't access its control panel! Even if I type in the address bar, it will not let me access the page because of things like: "Communication was interrupted."

I can however, access the WRT54G control panel by typing in

From a fresh reset of the router (All settings cleared) which settings would I need to change to be able to connect and use these two routers together?

For refernce, firmware emulator is here:

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: What I want to be able to do is use the WRT54G as a protected access point, and then the DIR 655 as a hidden access point. (I know how to make the DIR 655 signal invisible.)

Thanks again.
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  1. do you intent to have one network or two separate networks?

    did you connect the LAN port of the WRT54G to the LAN port or the WAN/Internet port of the DIR-655?

    are you configuring the DIR-655 while you are connected via network cable?
  2. I would like to have two separate networks.

    I connected one LAN port of the WRT54G to one LAN port of my DIR 655.

    Third suggestion is interesting. I isolated the DIR 655 from everything else while I configured it.

    DIR 655

    Subnet: (Same as WRT54G)
    DHCP: Off

    And for now it's working!

    Will check back in once it's been running for a while or has an issue.

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