AMD x3 445 vs 450 vs 455

is it worth it for the extra money?
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  1. for email ? No
  2. ?? and what about performance wise, besides the speed?
  3. Outlander means,
    Whether it is worth the extra money or not depends on the use you intend for the chip, if its just a surfbox then no, if its for gaming then possibly
  4. i see, thanks.
  5. Garbage in - garbage out. If people want good advice more info needs to be given. So don't say thanks - tell us more about your supporting hardware and what you plan to use it for.
  6. I plan on using it for gaming, my friend has a AMD x3 720 black edition with a 4770 and it runs medium-high on a 1920x1080 monitor really smooth. so why not i buy similar hardware except switch the 4770 for a 6850.
  7. I would actually spend a little more money if you can to make your PC more "future proof". In a couple of years you may find that the performance you are getting with an AMD X3 445, 450, 455 is no longer adequate, thus forcing you at the very least to upgrade the CPU.

    I recommend you look into the quad core Phenom II X4 955 BE as an alternative for $120.
  8. hmmm. with the new release of AMD bulldozer CPU's, should i just wait 2-3 months until it goes even cheaper or do you think the 955 is already its cheapest it can be?
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    Tough call...

    I think the price for the X4 955 is pretty low. However, I don't really track CPU prices. I don't think it will drop any lower until Ivy Bridge comes outs; March 2012 to the best of my knowledge. However, I don't think the price will drop much more. Probably down to $110, unless someone is having a sale. It might hit $100, but not for a while; longer than you would to wait.

    Again, I don't really track CPU prices. If and when I feel the performance of my current PC is no longer good enough for me, then I'll upgrade without being too picky about prices unless there is a confirmed announcement that CPU prices will be cut relatively soon.
  10. +1 for the 955BE.
  11. Alright,i think i am going to wait a while then get Ivy Bridge. I have never built a PC, everytime i got a new one it was my cousin who built it and he wont be here for a while (college). So around winter break he comes home, i get a new build. Everyones Happy :)
  12. Fair enough man,
    it gives you time to buy a case and get modding it ready for your new build then :)
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