Intel DZ77RE-75K or DZ77GA-70K

I am thinking of getting an Intel Ivy chip for a gaming system, I have found two boards the DZ77RE-75K and DZ77GA-70K , I cant find any reviews to compare them, but they seem very similar, I am not sure of their performance, if any one has one of these boards or any experience could you help me out, thanks :)
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  1. I just bought -70k. The only difference is -75k has a thunderbolt por which i wasnt was going to use thunderbolt hd looking at the prices & ?stabilty issues. Probably in future. Will use display port for monitor
  2. Hi,

    Sorry for late reply, been away on leave.

    After reading your reply, thats the 2nd person who has mentioned the HD 4000 issue, bluescreen or something, is this a major known problem, if so I hope they plan to fix, as I really want to get the DZ77RE-75K , but been slightly put off now.
    If you know any more info on this iam all ears :D -- thanks again
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