GTX 580??? PALIT????

okay... the reason why i'm opening this discussion is because apart from the big company like asus... evga.... gigabyte... msi... i would like to know how the reliability of other vendors card ecspecially palit and do they have a good warranty service... i know this brand isn't quite popular among users compared to anything above.... ppl around me they said palit is no good... this and that... all negative comments... so i want to ask from the community... any opinion is welcome ecspecially those who currently use their products... also... i found this at newegg...

this is not the 3gb version... just the 1.5gb version...

in my place... all these popular brand they sell their custom gtx 580 very expensive... the cheapest custom card that i can find is as mentioned above....

so if anyone who use this card is very welcome to voice their opinion... good and bad...
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  1. I don't have a GTX580 but I do have a pair of Palit GTX560's and they are just fine and dandy ATM and I went for Palit cards on the strength of a few users of their cards who have had no problems whatsoever with them, I'm not in the US by the way so double lifetime warranties mean nothing to me and the fact that Palit don't have that seems to be one of the reasons they get slagged off.
  2. oh... because those computer shop owners told me they said palit cards has higher death rate... now at least now i have one good comment on this brands... thank you very much for your opinion... anyone else who use palit card?
  3. Palit do have a higher death rate, and they've made major mistakes in the past which have caused to a lot of dead cards, as a result although some of their cards are fine, it's hard to trust them in a more general set. If you want an inexpensive GTX580 I'd lean towards a Gainward; it is possible to get them at the same price as Palit cards (atleast it is in the UK from a few suppliers), and their reliability/performance is good. As is their overclockability.
  4. but isn't gainward is under palit?
  5. phenom90 said:
    but isn't gainward is under palit?

    They merged in 2005, so yes a Gainward card is a Palit card under a different name. :lol:
  6. :facepalm: Well, I missed that. Hmm, if the cards are exactly the same between the two brand names, I suppose either they're both awful or, as per my experience, they're both quite good, although I didn't realise that both brands suffered from serious death issues?
  7. My Palit GTX 570 Sonic has performed quite satisfactorily. I purchased it because it has a good non-reference cooler and a better power design than the reference GTX 570. The GTX 570 reference power system is 4+1 which is too weak and the Sonic and Sonic Platinum from Palit have 6+2, so they can be overclocked and over-volted without worrying about blowing up the card.

    I would have no problem using them again myself, and I would recommend them to friends and family ... and random strangers on the internet.
  8. oh... thanks everyone for giving positive comment on this brand... i would like to see some more comments... anyone??
  9. im glad to see some positive reviews as well. I've just purchased one, and haven't received it yet, but it looks based on what ive read that since the gtx 5 series palit has really sorted themselves out.
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