I bought a asus m5a99x evo mobo for the bulldozer, but since the bulldozer isn`t that great for the price, i decided to try to sell it. So atm i am trying to sell my motherboard. This will probably take some time, so should i just buy the bulldozer or an older amd cpu. Or is it worth it to keep trying to sell the motherboard?
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  1. Selling is your decision. If you want to go Intel instead, sell it. If not then buy a 1100T. Its a decent CPU for a decent price.
  2. I bought a 970 board I currently have matched up with a X3 450 and am happy as is.
  3. I say keep it then grab a 1090T or 1100T and OC then just wait for piledriver
  4. You might need to sell it for 20% less than the current price for that mobo to get people interested in buying it because it is a "used" product, and person who buys it will not have a warranty.
  5. So i guess the 1090t is the best value?
  6. cortex5x said:
    So i guess the 1090t is the best value?

    Ya not much of difference between a 1100T and 1090T so i say 1090T is the best bet
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