CPU @1600 on 1333 mobo

My mobo (HP xw6600 workstation) is rated for both 1333 and 1600 Bus speeds. According to HP Tech Support HP BIOS apparently limits my mobo to 1333, 1600 is 'locked out', i.e. will not work. I would like to install 2x CPU which are rated @ 1600.

As far as I can see there could be two main outcomes:

A/ BIOS prevents operation/boot. System inoperable because of incompatability between BIOS and CPU.
B/ BIOS allows operation/boot. System runs normally, but CPU runs @ 1333 instead of 1600.

Can anyone tell me with a considerable amount of certainty (90%?) if the second outcome is a good probability, and that the setup will run, albeit with the CPU at 1333 instead of 1600?
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  1. Erm... thanks, but what am I meant to be looking for?
    Apologies if I'm being dim...
  2. Think I know what you mean now
  3. Then again, maybe not. It's well late and my head's trashed
  4. Can anyone else help me on this new day? I need a fairly good idea on the outcome before the chance of getting these 2 CPUs slips through my fingers...
  5. I decided that without a definitive answer this objective could prove to be unsuccessful and costly, so I abandoned it.
    Instead, this afternoon I purchased 2x E5440 Xeon Quads @2.83GHz, 1333MHz BUS.
    I will have them within a week and as they are listed as compatible upgrades for my mobo I don't envisage any problems.
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