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My sister lives in the US, I don't, and she wants a good powerful desktop PC. I searched online and couldn't find what we want.
I want a black caviar WD HD with i7 or AMD X6 CPU, and I couldn't find that in the pre-assembled brands.

She can't assemble the PC herself, so is there any website where we can custom the PC we want?
Thanks guys
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  1. If you look in homebuild section, there is a pre-built sub-section that covers companies like cyberpower, Ibuypower and similar,
    alternatively you could post your **Edit, sorry, her area** general area and may find a willing Toms member is nearby and happy to build it for you
    Hope this helps
  2. Thanks alot :)
    I liked what CyberPower has to offer, I really liked it!
    Thanks again man
  3. No probs man, I wouldn't normally advocate going through pre-built vendors but as homebuilding wasn't an option I thought I'd break my code just this once :)
  4. Cyberpower is OK, but always found them overpriced. DigitalStormOnline seems MUCH more price consious, even with high end PC builds.
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  6. Thanks, I will look into DigitalStormOnline :). Much appreciated guys ;)
  7. Another Company with good pricing is
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