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my motherboard's case of the cpu would not close. and i think i damaged only one
of the pins. can the motherboard still function? it's about the Asus P8H77-V LE.
I am already counting on having to buy a new motherboard.
Is this still the best motherboard for the price of 100euro?

thanks 4the help.
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  1. i think you need a new one but i would recomend a motherboard with this
    Dual-core CPUs (either Intel or AMD)
    At least 4GB of high-speed RAM
    Four (or more) SATA hard drives
    FireWire connections (possibly in both the front and back of the case)
    that will make your cpu work great
  2. if the pin is beyond repair then you'll need a new mobo. if it's only slightly bent you could try to use very thing tweezers or thin screwdriver to bend it back into shape
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