Palit GTX460 2GB - Overclocking Results

Hi guys,

I just got two 2GB Palit GTX460's for an SLI setup. These come over clocked slightly but was wondering if anyone else has these and what sort of overclock they've have been able to tweak and push out of it?
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  1. I've just scanned through this forum and at a guess I'm thinking that not many people will have overclocked this... one review said these are hot in SLI already.

    Looking forward to hearing results people!!
  2. most people wouldnt bother with 2gb gtx460's as the extra ram only comes in handy when running resolutions above 1920x1200.
  3. The heat issues are only a problem if you put them side by side, but it's quite possible you can separate them with some motherboards, to allow plenty of air flow between them, therefore allowing you to more easily OC them.
  4. either way i dont think it would be much different from the temps of the 1gb version.
  5. iam2thecrowe said:
    either way i dont think it would be much different from the temps of the 1gb version.

    I agree, although there are rare exceptions about 2Gb's being useful, even at 1200p (and I believe 1080p). One very noticeable exception is the LA stadium in Dirt 2 with all settings turned up.
  6. 1GB is good enough tbh
  7. I wouldn't expect much from these cards, palit cards usually don't go that high but can be great for modders who want to liquid cool their cards of yours has the g92 mounts. Clocks are basically limited by the overheated power vrm but 800mhz is just being conservative but you might get 850 instead.
  8. get to core 875MHz easily and performs even gives me a bonus...heat problem...

    800MHz = hot card
    875MHz = hot plate
    950MHz = brick (yes, i bricked my card)

    n why do the hassle OCing the cards,,those two in SLI perform like a beast w/o OC...beating GTX480 for sure...
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