Cpu or mobo fried?

I have had my computer assembled and running now for about a month with no issues. Today when I went to load my settings from MSI's control center(supplied with my mobo), when I clicked load, my computer shut off instantly. When I tried to turn the computer on again, it would start and deliver power to all peripheral devices as well as cooling fans but would not boot nor display any information on the screen. When I tried to then shut it down, pressing the power button resulted in nothing. I have tried clearing the cmos without luck as well as doing a breadboard test.

At this point I'm trying to figure out what has fried, my mobo or my processor. When I start the computer everything lights up and has power, the hard drive spins for a few seconds before stopping and the cpu phase lights are on. However, unlike before they are ALWAYS on all the time. Is there a way of determining what is the issue without replacing either the cpu or the mobo first?

As you may have noticed, this is my first post here and any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated as the MSI tech support "team" just keeps giving me automated "computer will not post steps" replies.

Although my computer ran for a good month before this happened (so compatibility shouldn't be an issue) here are my specs...

i5 3570k
MSI Z77A-G45
16 GB Corsair Vengeance
Win 7 64 bit
BIOS version 3.2
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  1. well the easiest way to test is to drop the CPU into another working mobo, but that would require you getting another mobo. sad thing about troubleshooting PC problems is that it helps to have spare parts laying around...

    have you tried pulling everything off the mobo except cpu and just trying to start it up?
  2. I've pulled everything but the ram and tried it and I'm beginning to really feal that first issue that you mentioned as I have no spare parts considering this is my first build. Trying to get my hands on a Sandy Bridge atm, hoping that comes through or idk what I'll do.
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