Want to update my Gigabyte H61M-USB3-B3 Bios , how ?

I found that there are many updates for my H61M-USB3-B3 Bios on the gigabyte Website. I'm using F3 and I found that there is F11 there ! How to update the BIOS and would that be dangerous ???
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  1. Just extract the zip file it comes in and run the exe, it's pretty straightfoward nowadays. It's generally safe to update it but if there's a power outtage while it's flashing it there's a possibility that you'll brick your motherboard, rendering it completely useless.

    Unless you're having a problem or bug of some sort it's best to leave it as-is, don't update the BIOS just for the sake of having the latest version of it.
  2. the easy way is unzip the rom file to a fat 32 formatted usb stick root. plug usb stick into the pc and boot into the pc bios. in the bios there will be a keystroke or menu to flash the bios. just rember to back up the first bios first to the usb stick.
    when the flash is done and the pc reboots go back into the bios and hit f5 factory default. save and exit and boot into windows.
    when the pc done booting into windows...shutdown and boot into the bios and flash the next bios file..you want to go in order..
    from f3 then f4 then f5...ect..
  3. There a program to update bios from gigabyte like...

    "@bios" u can download from their website under your mobo page and then in software section....

    It runs under windows and very straight forward to use....

    (u will need to dl the bios separatly, but it still under same page under bios section)

    Update bios can destructive if there power lost in the process...
    but as i know gigabyte board had dual bios planted to the board u can read the manual to restore the backup bios if anything bad happened ....

    Some bios update fix problem, but as told it risky if it fail...
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