Help choosing graphs card for my q6600

I have a q6600 2,4GHz, 4GB DDR2 800MHz, MB asus P5b, graphs card: 7950gx2. I want to change my video card because I believe it's the thing holding me back most.
I use 1600*1050 monitor 23inch.

I don't know wich of the following cards to choose:
GTX460 768MB ~ 130€
HD5850 1GB (sapphire extreme)~ 130€
HD6850 ~ 130€
I'm not confortable overclocking my q6600 because it is in stock cooling and I don't think I'm wasting money buying coolers...

also, My PSU is 550w and only has one 6 pin connector but I believe the cards bring 4pin->6pin adapters...

Can anyone help me?
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  1. also, My PSU is 550w and only has one 6 pin connector but I believe the cards bring 4pin->6pin adapters...
  2. I would recommend getting the 6850 since your psu only has one 6-pin connector. You don't want to mess around with adapters. The 460 1GB is a good competitor for the 6850, but you are looking at the 768MB so I'd say pass.

    If you had a PSU for it I'd say go for the 5850. It's a bit more powerful than the 6850.
  3. Aren't those adapters safe to use? They come included with the card...
    550w PSU should be enough power for the system with any of the cards, right?
    I am considering the 5850 but actually it needs 2 * 6pin connectors... If I knew it was safe, I'd go that way...
  4. The 5850 is faster than the 6850. 550 w should be enough, but is it a name brand PSU? Some lower end power supplies may not function well near their limits.
  5. the 5850 is the best of those cards. I would seriously consider overclocking the cpu if i were you. You can get it to 2.8 ghz quite easily on stock cooler and stock voltage. many people get it to 3ghz stable without voltage increase. I would give the heatsink and fan a good clean with compressed air and possibly re-seat the heatsink with good thermal paste. I think an aftermarket cooler would be a good investment and is worth doing IMO. you can get that cpu to 3.4 ghz with a good cooler and some voltage increase without too much effort which would put it near the performance of newer equally clocked Phenom X4's. The core 2 quad is still a very capable cpu.
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