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Approximate Purchase Date: 30 days or so.

Budget Range: 500-600$

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, HD Movies, General Usage.(surfing, chatting etc)

Parts Not Required: I only need the hardware (i.e. Motherboard, power supply, video card) other things such as chassis, OS, mouse and others aren't calculated in the 600$.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (Top right box = search)

Country of Origin: Europe, Romania.

Parts Preferences: No, not really.But I want to use it with 3 monitors @ Eyefinity so ATI.

Overclocking: No.(Scared of it)

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe(not sure of compatibility with Eyefinity)

Monitor Resolution: x3 1600x900

Additional Comments: I'm not the kind of person that stalks new games like Crysis 2.I enjoy classic games like Team Fortress 2, also I currently have a power source that drives me crazy(noise), I would enjoy something less loud.

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  1. if all it is is having a noisy PSU, and nothing major ( since you don't want top-end stuff ), I would suggest a small upgrade to your current system instead of building a whole new rig. if you can, please post your current system and the highest system requirement game you wish to play.

    Edit: for a new PC, check this ling out:,2970.html
  2. I've considered that, but most people told my that it would be more expensive to upgrade my PC then build a whole new one.Let's see if you can contradict them.

    My current system as of 4 years old is:
    Asus Motherboard P5G41-M LX2/GB/LPT
    Intel Dual Core 6400 2.13 GHz
    nVidia GeForce 7900 GT/GTO
    2048 RAM (2 x 1GB)

    I would like to be able to play COD: Black Ops on highest.(Currently, on low is lagging)
    Also I would require at least 1TB of HDD because I like to watch alot of HD movies.
  3. uhhhhh..... they are kind of right, upgrading that PC to Black Ops would be kind of almost impossible.

    I'd say keep the RAM
    get a cheap Sandy Bridge $120
    a cheap P67 MOBO $120

    a decent GPU (Radeon HD 6850) $165

    now a 750w PSU which leaves you plenty of room for any future addons $120

    total of $525 already

    for the remaining 75, you can upgrade alot
    purchase a 4GB RAM ($43) or a 8GB ($63)
    get a better GPU( $180 (+15) ) with the 4GB RAM
    or go 2 step higher on the GPU for the Radeon HD 6950 ($250) [Warning: this would go $10 over budget]
    or get a better CPU or perhaps the MOBO, or a CPU fan if you want to try overclocking

    my brain is jello right now so I'm going to stop typing. Good Luck!
  4. Firstly I would like to kindly thank you for the time in aiding me.

    But, I couldn't find the Sandy Bridge in the shop that I order from(shipping would cost alot from where you linked) I found this, that looks identical but it doesn't state "Sandy Bridge"
    Could you take a look?

    At the motherboard the same issue.

    Video Card, not same picture but looks the same at specifications.

    Duhh, my shop site seems so stupid right now. PSU

    If those aren't the ones provided by you, I'l look around for other shops with online sites that deliver(without cost) in my country.

    Thanks again.
  5. Socket 1155 is called Sandy Bridge.
    Those components are good.
  6. all the components are the same except for the motherboard, the motherboard you listed is better than the one I provided at a higher cost, but if its within your budget, get it! also, if you have any extra money left, I'd suggest getting some new RAMs with frequency at 1333. ( don't need to push it if your budget is low, 2GB should do fine one decent settings) Good luck!
  7. The motherboard I linked earlier is 1000 romanian lei, that roughly means 320 USD.
    I don't think its the one because you said "a cheap 120$" and the sandy bridge checks out at roughly 130 USD.
    The video card doesn't check out, its roughly 260USD
    The PSU is roughly 169 USD.

    So yeah, I got the right Processor, but the other ones are apparently wrong.
    Could you use google translate to find the right one on the site? It would help me alot.

    (Just press the X on the commercial that appears when you first click it)
    For video cards:



    I know its a bit hard to do that, but I would REALLY appreciate it.
  8. Well the video card is alot higher then it should be, are you sure its the same one?

    Also, I can't seem to edit my above post so I'l just double-post.

    I posted before seeing your reply.

    Could you use the above post to choose the right motherboard?
  9. Okay, triple-posting but I can't edit.So I don't think someone will mind.

    I just checked your post again and funny, the one you say it will go over my budget is actually cheaper then the normal GPU that you linked.So I'l take that one(Radeon HD 6950).

    So all I need right now is a motherboard.

    So if you would, please.Use this link
    to find a proper one.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I can quick edit, but it won't let me submit in the normal edit.So I can't delete the past posts and merge the text in 1, sorry.

    this one should be ok, any P67 or Z68 motherboard you find should do the job. but remember, try to only purchase from brand you know and look at the reviews if there is any. I chose ASRock because its a pretty good MoBo company and make cheap mobo's too. besure to double check on the specs for compatibility ( I can't do that because I don't really trust google translate and 80% of it is still in Romana.

    also, the reason for the difference between the price is because the price they set in US and Romana is different, and different website also gives different discounts and such.

    sorry for such a late reply, anyways, good luck!
  11. Quick Questions,

    I kept searching for a decent priced motherboard that supported crossfireX.
    230$ now this will go over my budget, but I might be able to get it.But this means I won't be able to upgrade ram or HDD, so I don't really want to.

    Now I have two options, go with it as Gigabyte is pretty well rated, even the review states so, or find something to scale down.

    That would include the PSU aswell.
    Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2 750W, ATX12V v2.31

    As I stated, the PSU is very expensive for a PSU.My current PSU is 20$, granted it makes more noise then a jet, but hell for 20$ I could change it once a month.So yeah, if we scale down the PSU to 50% of its price, the gigabyte motherboard will fit in nicely.Right now is around 180$, its more expensive then the yeah.

    I know I'm kinda asking too much from you, but the last time I chose a PSU it made sound like a jet, I agree the PSU is very important, the last one I had went down at fried my motherboard, I don't really know how the video card survived, but whatever.

    If you are willing to use google translate for an accurate price in my country..

    Price, look for under 300 lei.(that means roughly 100$)
    Also check the link you gave me, it doesn't work like that.Google translate doesn't update the link once you click on something, you have to manually copy the model and paste it here, if its taken from the site, I should find it with 0% chance of miss-find.

    If the google translate info dazzles you too much and you want to search an english site like that newegg then try finding something around 50$.

    Thanks again for your time.
  12. sorry, again, for such a late reply ( I was sleeping :/ )
    I've looked over some stuff but since I don't know the other brands, I'm going to go with this:

    600w might just do the job for the right price, and Corsair is a brand I trust, but be sure to check out some other PSUs because some local company in your area might make some better PSU than Corsair! but remember, put your money to companies that you trust. good luck!
  13. "might" ? I have a problem with that word.

    I plan on adding a second video card later on, hence my request for CrossFireX compatibility and I want to be sure 100% it will work, I don't wanna get all the pieces and then nothing, not enough power.
    That would be indeed frustrating.
  14. well, the 600w is the most you can probably get out of that company, if you see a 700w+ PSU for your budget, feel free to get it, because I'm sure anything above 750 will power anything you'd ever want
  15. that one would do great if you can get it :) how ever, it is not CF/SLI compatible. you might want to check this out:
  16. Okay, thanks for the help.

    I'l provide feedback on how the system is after I have it functional. <3

    Thanks again.

    this one?
    Is it good?
  17. looks fine and a somewhat good brand.
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