No video output on internal/graphic card

Hi there, just having a bit of a problem.

Just built a new system out of spare parts, when booting up all the fans spin and i get a single short post beep
but past that I don't have any output on screen, no bios or anything.

You fellas got any suggestions?
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  1. What are your system specs?
  2. check that the 4/8 pin atx plug on the mb is plugged in and that all the power plugs on the video card are plugged in.
  3. cmichael138 said:
    What are your system specs?

    intel 2.8 dual core
    2Gb ddr2 ram
    asus ah3450 graphics card
    can't quite remember the mobo (i'm at work so can't check right now)

    Everything is connected properly save for the speaker's not long enough to connect to the pins on my mobo :(
  4. if your using an a vga to dvi adapter is might have gone bad. do you have another monitor to test that the video card is working or another video card?? also check that video card has all the power plugs pluged in.
  5. Thanks for your help guys but the problem sorted itself somehow.

    I reseated everything but that still didn't work, left it for some lunch, came back and it magically started working...not going to compain :)
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