Did i mess it up

I recently installed an i5 took a bit of pressure to push the bar down a bit worried by that but further research it seemed to be the norm, well i got it down finished the build went to boot and nothing, so back to the manual and found out about the warning led for the CPU, it was on

So i disassembled everything checked everything pins seem fine on the MB and the CPU looked the same done everything the way all the vids recommend even on newegg i even tried it whit most parts out except the MeM which now seems like i should of removed that as well its just the more i look into it it seems to be more likely the motherboard i think il try the bread board method next, so what i would like to ask is, has this happened to any one before and before i try again whit a new CPU which should be here in 2 weeks is there any tips or could it be the MB, one more question would the CPU LED on the MB light up if the CPU was not the problem sorry this may seem dumb but im new to this tech world so please toms experts school the newb

MB.... P6P68 Deluxe REV

MeM..Corsair Dominator-GT - Memory - 4 GB : 2 x 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3 - 1866 MHz

PSU..Cooler Master Silent Pro M700 700W

CPU.. i5 2500k

All info welcome
They were good enough to change the CPU once... don't want to push my luck
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  1. When this happens, remove your board with everything on it and examine the back side first. Be sure all the push pins are even for the cpu heatsink, then examine the ram slots and be sure all the ram is seated properly. Was the dominator ram on the approved list for your motherboard?
  2. Im not sore about the ram being approved for the MB did not know that could be an issue and how do you check, i got some life out of it as the fans spun then stopped the it turned back on whit the CPU LED on which i hastily thought it was the CPU now i fear i was wrong i guess i will have to wait till i get my CPU back and try again so will i try posting next time without the mem attached
  3. Your board won't post without at least one stick of ram. Use only one in dimm slot one for testing; test each stick with memtest one at a time if you get it going.
  4. ok so one stick of mem at a time it just seems odd how it would not post no signal to the monitor at all i just hope there is not an issues whit getting my CPU back in working condition, is it normal for things to go wrong when building for the first time or can you get a CPU DOA, the board i got got good reviews but not on here what is the least i can attach to the MB so i can get a post out of it, when would it be safe to turn it back on again, be nice this my first time doing any thing like this
  5. I've been building for twenty years and never had a doa with board or cpu if the components are new and compatable with the board. Chances are it's an operator error. First time builders frequently make mistakes; been there, done that.
  6. Ok i get what your saying and i have not ruled out my own error thought i did everything right but not the first time i have messed up whit out knowing it i wore my anti static wrist band as well and i double checked my connections twice and even re did some of them i will try again when i get back my CPU try the breadboard method to rule out faulty parts but would the LED light up if there was no fault whit the CPU and thanks for the info keep it coming mate i like to be informed as for Starting the pc on the breadboard when is it safe to turn it of or does it matter
  7. Feel like such a dope as i was looking around and found this on toms


    i did the first mistake he posted feel like such a newb but i guess it is one thing i can check of my to learn list but thanks agin for the replys there what got me looking around especially the operator error which is why i found the guide its a must read for new builders
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