Sandy bridge now - Ivy bridge later

Hi all you guys

Im thinking about building a new system, I want it to be Intel based.

I can handle it myself, but Im worried what happens when Ivy bridge comes out, will the Sandy bridge chipsets provide full support for all of the features Ivy bridge processors come with?

And what about putting a top Intel Sandy Bridge processor in an Ivy bridge chipset?

What would be the better option today, when thinking about upgrading again when Ivy comes out?
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  1. in answer to your questions yes, yes, doesn't matter.

    ivy bridge and sandy bride will be available for both chipsets 1155 (current) and 2011 (later release)
  2. I know it will be supported.

    But will the new features of Ivy bridge be available on a sandy chipset?

    My concern is, will I come to regret spending the money for a top enthusiast motherboard sandy based chipset today when I upgrade the CPU to an Ivy bridge CPU?
  3. They will both be considered obsolete when Bulldozer is released :)
  4. lol true in ten years bulldozer will be released and beat all these old CPUs hands down
  5. well without the full details of ivy bridge its a bit hard to say, I guess its possible that there may be a few extra functions that won't be supported by older boards. But this will be the case forever with PC's, if your happy to wait at least 6mths then get Ivy if not get sandy.

    otherwise get a cheap board and upgrade both the chip and motherboard later
  6. well thank you for the answers. Would be great to know more about the Ivy Bridge..
  7. all I know is Ivy is the same arcitechture as sandy just at 22nm instead of 32 so again improved speed due to short distances
  8. I'm considering upgrading all I need is a CPU and GPU and it'll take me about 5 more days to afford the 2600K CPU, and probably a month or 2 for the GPU. Should I wait till Ivy bridge? Will the price be the same as the 2600K? Thanks for the input.
  9. well if you want to wait you can but I wouldn't expect ivy before january next year, up to you whether to wait or not. I'd expect the prices to be higher than the sandy bridge but no one really knows until more information is released.

    You could save $100 by getting i2500k if your only gaming and put the extra cash toward getting your GPU earlier.
  10. word on the 2500k...I have 2500k and it runs beautiful in games and cold...only reason to get 2600k is if rendering or doing multithreading projects,etc
  11. You should just buy what you want now and not regret it later. You have to understand that new technology is always coming out. You can get sandy bridge now, and have it even while ivy bridge is out, and whatever comes after ivy bridge you can just get that.
    You don't have to make a switch whenever new technology comes out, because the sandy bridge processors will still be strong and effective.
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