How to get virtualization support in Dell Inspiron laptop

I am having a Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop. This does not have
virtualization support.I want Virtualization Technology support in
this laptop.

What should I do
1) should I get motherboard replaced
2) or should I get processor replaced.
3) or I need to get both motherboard and processor replaced
A lot of virtualization related work I am not able to do because of
hardware constraint.
Any suggestion will be helpful.
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  1. I would start by selling your old laptop. Laptops are not cost effective upgrades. When you get some funds, set a budget. Microcenter had an acer i3 for only $350 recently with 4 gb of ram, a super buy.
  2. I am unemployed sys admin after my bank got closed. I don't have money for luxuries.
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