Newly built computer restarts randomly. Help Please

Hello i just built a computer a couple of days ago, when i turned it on the first time, it restarted a couple times randomly diddnt think much of it, thought it was just registering all the hardware, but now it has started again. Was in the middle of playing Bad Company 2 and computer randomly turns off i have re sat my ram unplugged a couple of the fans thinking it may be a power issue.

PC specs are Mobo CPU Not overclocked Ram PSU
got a 2tb WD HDD for my boot drive until i can get a SSD
my temps are under 30 degrees so its not a heating issue.

any help i could get would appreciate it i don't know what else to try
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    a random restart could be many many things; is there a brief lock up period prior to reboot?

    I've had similar problems on an old rig and it turned out it was a CPU heat issue.
  2. well since ive unplugged a 3 of my 6 fans haven't had any restarts since creating the thread, i did have the fans 2 fans piggybacking off one 4 pin power plug but i didn't think that would be an issue, hay just have to use an additional cable from the PSU for the other 3 fans.

    the restarts were instant id be playing then all of a sudden the power cuts out.
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  4. Turns out i was overloading one of the rails on my PSU
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