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Adding a graphics card to ati 4200 integrated graphics

I want to add a graphics card to my HP p6540y with ATI 4200 integrated graphics, what would be the best card for this setup, also want to do psu but I,m having a hard time finding a 500+ watt that will fit, Thanks, Brian
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  1. It's a standard midtower size so pretty much any psu will fit. What is your budget for graphics card or should I be asking budget for psu+gpu?
  2. Thanks for your reply, k1114, looking to spend appx. $400.00 for the two unites, would like to find a good 750 watt psu that will fit,
  3. what are the exact specs on the power supply ( in print on label ), what monitor/'resolution, what games ?
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    O.k now first of all, no reason to go too crazy on the PSU. After all it's not like you can put a big one into that case, and considering the size you may want a modular unit. This Corsair HX is an older model but still a good modular PSU


    this antec isn't bad for you needs either

    Antec TruePower New TP-550 550W

    Considering you have a small case you can't exactly fit a huge card in there anyway. The best you can probably do is a 6870 or 560Ti as far as fitting a card into the case, and it's not like you can use crossfire or SLI with that motherboard, not to mention the lack of space to fit two cards in there. If you want something bigger measure the available space before you go buying a GPU that won't even fit in your case
  5. I should also mention that since the model has a Phenom II 830 that you can't even overclock there isn't much point in getting more than a single 6870 or 460 unless you want to go beyond 1080p (like using eyefinity).
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