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So my dad asked me to help get a wireless home network going at our place. And while I consider myself good with computers... I'm not so hot on networking. We have a pretty crude wireless-g network up right now, but it doesn't exactly satisfy all of our needs. He already told me that he bought an "n" antenna for a computer to use and I guess he has plans on getting a blue-ray player so that we could stream netflix to our TV. So basically I need suggestions for a good quality, not too expensive but solid and straight forwards wireless-n router. This router will need to be able to stream data to 1 desktop (mine) and 2 laptops (both of which are 'n' capable.. I think), and then to the blue-ray player. And then of course offer a wired connection to the desktop downstairs from where it will be positioned. Some advice on security and setup would be welcome as well. Thank you!!

P.S. Can most routers run 'n' and 'g' at the same time? Cause I think one of the laptops might only be able to handle 'g' as well as my Wii...
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  1. what wireless router are you using right now?

    you could try a Linksys E2000

    all N router in default setting will support G wireless.
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