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I am looking to assemble a desktop(from scratch) and after doing a little research am very confused on what to buy and where to buy them from.
My needs are simple.
1) 8gb RAM (DDR3 or higher)
2) atleast 1GB dedicated graphics card
3) A good display.

Budget is around $1000.

It will be very helpful if I could get a list of all things I would need to buy to build a system.
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  2. I'm confused too as your title says 3d animation. If you're just asking for a simple computer build then you have to define your needs. With a $1000 budget you will have to make some sacrifices to get the machine you want. Is gaming important, which in case we need to buy a 570 card in the $300 range and start cutting back on other things. Is processing speed very important? I recommend an i5 but if budgeted perhaps you could get by with a very sustainable i3. Maybe if Crysis 2 doesnt mean much to you and graphics isn't as critical then you can lower your graphics card and get an SSD with blazing speed. $1000 budget means you have to make sacrifices somewhere. So which is more important high end 1 ghz graphics or the i5 or ssd.
    What i like to do is log into newegg or tigerdirect or my personal favorite microcenter and put everything that I want into a shopping cart. Then i usually am shocked at the sticker price and start to negotiate with myself until i get closer to my budget, but lol rarely do I make it to my budget.
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