Motherboard + CPU, will a BIOS update be needed?

Sorry to bother you folks with a question this easy, but I've forgotten how to check this. I'm upgrading my CPU to an AMD FX 8120 and I wanted an ASUS M5A97 to go with it since my old motherboard won't support it, but I'm having trouble figuring out where to go to see which BIOS version a stock M5A97 comes with and which BIOS version a 8120 requires. Any advisement on this matter would be appreciated.
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  1.; you'll need bios file 0815 for the 8120; save your old cpu for the flash or I'll send you my sempron 130 for only $16 shipped to flash it. There is no way to tell what bios file your board was shipped with; you'll just have to try the new cpu or check the post screen with an older one.
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