Power Supply Question for geforce 550 ti

I have a 530 watt PSU (model RX 530 SS) and recently installed a geforce 550 ti. My other specs are intel i5 750 2.67 ghz with 4 gb ram.

I have updated the drivers and successfully loaded the card onto my system. I can browse the internet and watch videos with no problems. However things get ugly when I start playing a game ( SC II & Rift) for about 10 minutes and I get a "tear" in my screen forcing my system into power save mode for a few seconds. My system enters power save mode a few more times usually before a nasty, forced restart occurs. I have reinstalled the drivers, driver swept my system, reinstalled windows, changed my power mode to high performance, and even turned off my intel power boost from my bios and still am having no luck! My question at this point would be is my power supply insufficient to run the 550 ti (which requires a 400 W min although I am running a 530 W)? I noticed my chipset from this post,2410-13.html
shows my processor can draw up to nearly 500 watts by itself in a loading / stressed state if I am reading it correctly? If anyone can clarify the combined power consumption of my processor and graphics card I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
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    In the nicest way that PSU u have is a pile of crap raidmax. that most likely only puts out a max flow of 350watts and when you pull load on it it becomes unstable. Buy a corsair 500 80+
    44.99---free shipping
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  3. Glad i could help if you need anything eles feel free to pm me.
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